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VOTR Ministry Founder

 Rev. Robert Bruce Sikes


314-918-7560 (USA)


Voice Of The Remnant and Rev .Bruce Sikes' commentaries are copyrighted. However, they may be republished, reposted, or emailed providing the person or organization doing so does not charge for subscriptions or advertising and that the column is copied intact and that full credit is given and that Voice Of The Remnant 's web site address is included. Editors or Publishers of publications charging for subscriptions or advertising who want to run these columns must contact Bruce Sikes at Voice Of The Remnant for permission.

Churches and Organizations interested in arranging a speaking or teaching engagement with Rev. Bruce Sikes should contact him at BruceSikes@aol.com

Journalists and Media Hosts interested in scheduling an interview with Rev. Bruce Sikes should also contact BruceSikes@aol.com

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