Why a Remnant Ministry? 


A Pastor's Remnant Journey

by Rev. Bruce Sikes  

I've been thinking a lot of my own Remnant journey and wanted to give you a little background about the VOTR ministry. God first planted the seeds of the Remnant ministry in my heart years ago, long before I ever had any idea of a modern day Remnant. I was raised in a traditional church of a mainstream denomination. As an adult, God called me into ministry and I have since served bi-vocationally in churches both as pastor and in various staff positions. Over the years, God has allowed me to travel all over the world and meet, worship and fellowship with believers from many diverse church backgrounds. They have ranged from Southern Baptist to Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox to Non-Denominational, in settings from rural to urban, and from mega churches to house churches. In doing so, I have always experienced an instant kinship with at least a small contingent of faithful believers in each group. Those believers who understand that the Bible is really the living word of God, prayer is powerful, and the lost must be saved. They have also expressed a deep concern for Christians and churches who are falling under worldly influences. All of these different people, these diverse believers were believing and saying the same thing.

Things really ramped up for me after returning from a mission trip in Calcutta, India. The book of Acts is coming alive in that place. Those humble believers are as spiritual giants to us in the West. The Lord is moving in supernatural ways there, and indeed, I felt His anointing touch on my heart. Back home, I was struck with the stark contrast between the attitudes and practices of our comfortable Christianity and those of the persecuted minority which I had fellowshipped within India. What we see as necessities for us to "do" church here in the US, would be considered un-needed luxuries, if not outright decadent worldly trappings for those spirit filled believers.

What's more, God kept placing people in my path who were seeing what I was seeing, and struggling with the same feelings that something was not right. Many were disappointed and uncomfortable with the direction in which their churches, religious schools, denominations and leaders were going. God's word was being watered down, sin, salvation and the consequences of hell were not being taught or preached. Worship was becoming a performance and prayer was reduced to a formality. Practicality, political correctness and gaining numbers were dominating the thinking of many churches and leaders.

I heard story after story of believers, church members, and ministers who were, and still are torn between their loyalty to the "institution" and, or, leader and their desire to see revival, reformation and a return to our "first love". (Revelation 2:4-5). They find themselves struggling to be productive for Christ within a restricted framework of "PC" ministries. Those who choose to speak up are experiencing ostracism and in some cases, even persecution. Frustrated, some are leaving or resigning and seeking to find places of service where God's Spirit is present and His word has not been compromised. A few have chosen to sacrifice their positions and reputations to make a stand and speak up for God's word and His people.

Clearly, something larger is happening among the people of God. There are too many coincidences, too many similar situations and too many passionate voices calling for a return to heart of the Gospel, to Evangelism, to the Bible and Spirit-filled Prayer and Worship. These voices are searching for answers, for direction, and for support as they strive to obey the prophetic call God is placing on their hearts for His Church.

It was these needs that God used to stir my spirit within me and lead me towards beginning the Voice Of The Remnant Ministry. My desire is to try and connect these Remnant voices and help them recognize and understand this Prophetic Call for Revival. It is my hope that together we can comfort and encourage one another, pray for one another and provide Spirit-led Biblical insights into speaking up and standing up for the Gospel, both without, and within our churches.

This is not an anti-church or new separatist movement, on the contrary, it is God raising up a Remnant to spur on the whole body of Christ into a unity of Revival; Spirit filled, Obedient and Proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

Where God leads the Remnant and this ministry I do not know, nor, do I believe is it ours to ask. My prayer is that we remain faithful to our call, in spite of the odds, in spite of the cost, only that the truth is proclaimed and the lost are saved.

For Christ And For His Remnant,

Pastor Bruce

VOTR Founder