Are There Remnant Churches and Pastors?

Are there Churches and Pastors who embrace, proclaim and live out the Remnant's Call? Yes, certainly! Where do you find them? The Bible says "By their fruit you will know them." (Matthew 7:15-16)

Ask yourself, 'Are they preaching, teaching and living out God's message for the Remnant?'

"A return to our First Love, to preaching the Gospel, to unashamed Evangelism of the lost, to unapologetic Bible-centered preaching and teaching, to Spirit-filled prayer and worship, to steadfast courage and self-denying obedience to the word of Christ."

Of course, there are no perfect churches, even those who are striving to obey God's call. Yet, there is a BIG difference between sincerely striving, and just going through the motions. Those who are "doing church" in a perfunctory - maintenance type manner may outwardly seem to have all the "necessary" elements for a successful church, but it is only superficial. There is no anointing on their messages nor is the church growing spiritually, even if it is growing numerically. Jesus warned the church in Sardis of this...

"I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead." (Rev 3)

Personally, I have observed that authentic church, as with authentic worship, is not always slick, with guaranteed smooth transitions during worship, prayers right on cue, and three point sermons wrapped up in a bow. Neither is it necessarily authentic church because the congregation is encouraged to raise its' hands, the worship leaders shout amen repeatedly, and it has a minister who is a dynamic speaker.

Also, I think we all realize that Non-denominational, Baptist, Catholic, rural, small, and large mega churches are not automatic indicators of authentic church.

Once again, it is the spirit behind the worship, prayers, and the sermon that determine authenticity. Is it for God, by God? Do the worship and prayers aim up towards God, or horizontal among ourselves? Does the sermon's message come from God to us, or is it from man to man?

This requires careful discernment and prayerful consideration on the part of the Remnant . Also, we must remember that the Remnant is not called to seek refuge, but to actively pursue God's call for renewal and repentance and make it known. In this sense, each believer must follow the Lord's guidance on church affiliations, where God places them, when, how, and what they are to do and say. It means maintaining a daily personal walk with God through obedience to His word as found in the Bible and the leading of His Holy Spirit.

We have been called to be the "Salt and Light" of the world, not to minister to the healthy, but to the spiritually sick and lost, not to condemn the church, but to help reform it. The goal for the Remnant is not to achieve perfection for church here on earth, that will not happen, but to proclaim God's call for repentance and revival for the church and for the preaching of the Gospel to the lost.

We must support Remnant pastors, ministers, and believers in churches as we find them and encourage the work they are doing, especially those in difficult settings where God's message is being ignored.

The Lord has not raised up a Remnant to be complacent, reluctant, or, to go at our own pace. We have been called to share Christ's passion for His church, His eagerness to obey, and to embrace His sense of urgency. Indeed, time is short.

Pastor Bruce