About The VOTR Ministry

The Voice Of The Remnant Ministry is not a church or denominational organization. The ministry and its supporters come from various mainstream denominations and non-denominational groups. They serve at many different churches from house churches to "mega" churches. Some are ordained pastors while others are dedicated teachers and lay leaders in their churches. Their mission fields range from throughout North America and Europe, to India and literally around the world. The unity we have comes from a common desire to see the Gospel preached in our churches and to the lost in a dying world. We are drawn together as we sense the moving of God's Holy Spirit calling forth His Remnant at this time in history.


VOTR Ministry Founder, Rev. Bruce Sikes has a wide and varied ministry experience. He has served churches in various capacities from Education Minister, to Youth, Singles, and Young Marrieds, including areas of Biblical Church Growth, Evangelism and Outreach. He has started and Pastored two inner-city mission churches. Pastor Bruce has traveled extensively, teaching, preaching, researching and experiencing diverse cultures from North Africa to Northern Ireland, from Hungary to Calcutta, India. His educational degrees include Theology and Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement. In addition to his ministry experience, Pastor Bruce is a former US Federal Police Officer,  has flown for the USAF's Civil Air Patrol, a retired sports coach, a living history presenter and more.   

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